Peter Furniss Consultants

This is a slightly editted version of what was the top-page of the website while I was "Peter Furniss Consultants". I now work for Choreology Ltd.

Peter Furniss has been an independent consultant in computer communications since 1992. His main areas of expertise are middleware and Transaction Processing protocols and interfaces, especially interoperation between different standard or semi-standard protocols. He has been involved in standardisation activity in several forums and at the same time has been implementing some of the same standards.

Some current and recent activities: And a little longer ago And quite a lot longer ago Peter is a member of the Peer Association, an association of leading independent communication consultants.

Contact information
Phone - worktime +44 20 7670 1963 (at Bluestone Arjuna Lab)
Phone - office at home +44 181 313 1833 Not often there during the day, and I often don't notice the message light
Post 58 Alexandra Crescent, Bromley, Kent, BR1 4EX, UK.
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  12 June 1999